APA awards for “healthy workplace practices.”

NOTE: Highlight of employees surveyed at the award companies citing their perception that their employers provide adequate mental health support and services and care about “stress management.”

Makes me think about what practices and workplace/workforce variables exist that we could all learn from… for example:

  1. What are their mental health/substance abuse benefit designs?
  2. What are their FMLA and leave management policies for caregivers?
  3. Do they use an EAP? What program components do the EAPs include?
  4. What are the communications strategies and tactics about services?
  5. How does the employer combat stigma so that there is open communication about employee needs and program capabilities?

I know there are more variables we all try to attend to and address given ROI and impact on what we’re trying to do… any other ideas out there?

Link to the APA’s original announcement on their website: http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2016/02/healthy-workplace-practices.aspx



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